Are you ready to birth the next version of your life?


The Courage to Be Yourself 

A 6 week course to embrace your Wise Woman,

your authentic self.


Imagine Living Fully Alive, Embracing  Freedom without Fear


Are you a woman in a midlife transition who feels stuck? 

You feel SO ready for something new, something alive and free but not sure what.

You’ve done programs, read books, worked on yourself, your fitness, your health, tried to change your thoughts, eat better... ALL the things! 

You are exhausted.

You are not stuck, you are at a new threshold. It's time to move forward in a different way. It’s time to clear out what’s in your way.



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🔥 You want more, yet find yourself  “stuck” or “frozen”

 🔥You know you want more joy, more passion, connection and aliveness, but don’t know where to find it.

 🔥Or, you know what you should do, but you just can’t make it happen… and then the shame cycle start

 🔥You are exhausted from giving to others, making sure others are ok or worrying about what others think

 🔥You overthink decisions, and second-guess what you have said or done

 🔥You have supported others, stood up for others, cared for others, but find it hard to do for yourself

 🔥You want to speak up in your life, yet find yourself shutting down

 🔥You worry time is running out now and you don’t want to have regrets



 It is time to realize you never had to prove your worthiness and step through your shadows into your light 



Explore how embracing your fears and vulnerabilities can be your path back to wholeness. 

This is no ordinary “learn new skills” course. This is a deep dive into your true authentic nature and releasing anything that got in the way so you can reclaim your wholeness and freedom.

This is not a course in fixing what is broken so you can thrive in a box,

this is breaking out of the box.

You’ve been living outside of yourself, in an idea of how you should be.
It’s time to come back home to who you truly are.
In touch with your body, your dreams and your instincts.

It's not about being the good girl or the perfect mother anymore. It's the shift to the Wise Woman inside you. It's about being REAL.

Your authenticity will save you. This includes ALL of you. 

Your quirky, angry, joyful, messy, guilty, sneaky, and full, big, too much self. 

You get to be ALL of her.


🔥 Imagine waking up each day feeling alive and grateful

🔥 Imagine finally living with ease and knowing you are exactly where you should be

 🔥 Imagine having emotional strength and energy to move through your life, set boundaries and deal with negative people

 🔥 Imagine finally realizing your worth and letting go of pleasing others so you can give from a full heart


In your natural, wild, true self.


It is possible. 


We use the best of SCIENCE to expand your SOUL.

We develop the nervous system capacity, release limiting beliefs,  to expand beyond your wildest imagination. 

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Embrace Your Shadows

Break through invisible barriers and unconscious patterns and limiting beliefs and exchange them for being real. 

Expand Your Capacity

Integrate your body, movement and voice with your emotions to embody your true nature, your inner lioness who knows what she desires

Living Authentically

Authenticity is power. Build your courage to live aligned to your truth and freedom to live the life you're here for.

Reclaim Your Sovereignty

Establish healthy boundaries and step into your sovereignty by integrating shadows and stepping into your strength and clarity.

Science of the Nervous System

We will use science-backed tools to explore the vagus nerve and how we can shift our state to safety and mobilization when we need it.

Expand Your Soul Purpose

In a safe nervous system and body we will explore the chakras of safety, power, sensuality and voice to connect with and express your gifts.



You are a continually evolving, changing being. The need to “get it right” prohibits your growth and keeps you paralyzed.  

The truth is, there is no “right” out there. There is only YOU 

in here.

I'm Madeleine Eames 

My background is as a psychotherapist and teacher for almost 4 decades and I have had the honour of helping thousands of women heal.

I hit midlife and wondered why I was here, what my purpose was. I searched outside myself for a long time, and gratefully didn't come up with any answers. So I  turned inside and this is where I found my blocks, my shadows and the greatest expansion. It was already there, just waiting for me. I have seen where many women get stuck and how to guide them back home to themselves.

The answer lies in seeing your own shadows so you no longer have to hide from them. Releasing what you have believed about yourself and who you are “meant” to be, and exchanging it for who you are.

I feel women in midlife and beyond are being called to step out of fear and retire old ways of being so we can reclaim our freedom and aliveness on this planet.

These are your queen years. Let’s make them as juicy, wonder-filled and exciting as possible. You deserve it!

I am also a breathwork guide, a yoga teacher, an embodiment guide and mindfulness and breathwork facilitator. 

I have a degree in psychology and a Masters degree in Clinical Social Work and numerous trainings in healing over the years.

Most importantly, I am always rebirthing myself every day through my own patterns and have grown through worry, burnout, fatigue and all the things that brought me right here, to help you expand.

This is the work I was meant to do. My purpose is to support women to dive deep into their deep, dark feminine so they can rise in their divine feminine energy. 

We are the medicine the world needs right now. 

Your best life awaits you.

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Class begins May 15th at 1pm PST for 6 weeks

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Questions? Email me at [email protected] 

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You have big ideas and dreams and need the nervous system capacity to move, speak and take action. 

You don’t have to do this alone. No-one does. With support from like-minded women, true healing and breathing life into your true self.. you will get there.

Words of kindness:

🌺 Thank you Madeleine......I have done a lot of thinking and processing during these past weeks because of the information you've shared. 

🌺 You put into words what I can’t make sense of in the confusion of my mind….  Once there are words  to help me identify what is going on, (clearing the energy) it feels like I move out of the fog and into a place I can make choices for myself….  This is HUGE. 

🌺 My life opens up to me in a new way!    I am a person who deeply relates and acts towards staying true to myself…within the realm of loving kindness  and peace.

🌺 I am definitely in my final years on this planet as a human.  I feel excited that the energy I have left can be more clearly directed towards that loving kindness and peace so that I make a difference to our wonderful world.  

🌺 “I love Madeleine Eames. She is a talented psychotherapist/yoga therapist of the highest caliber. She is generous and kind, and she works from the heart. I highly recommend her to any man, woman or child who need help with whatever difficulty they are going through."
🌺 “I feel like the saran wrap that has been holding me so tightly, squeezing me, is slowly being unraveled. I know this is directly related to the breathwork session. I can breathe now."
Juliet K.
🌺 “Thank you for guiding us through it. Your voice really made it a secure time. It was like you knew what was happening while I was going through this (controlled) frenzy of significant breathing. I’m so glad I did it!!"
Elizabeth P.

And so many more…

“There was a before me, and an after me. I felt a change in that I was able to release emotions that I had been talking about in therapy for 10 years.”

Bonnie P.

Madeleine’s voice and unwavering support allowed me to release old stuff and feel finally free and at peace afterwards. I can’t thank her enough.”

Denise E.

“This is powerful stuff. Madeleine is the real thing, she speaks from her own experience and creates a place that feels safe, accepting and let’s you just be yourself.”

Shauna Begot

“I have never experienced something like this and I have done a lot of healing. It’s the combination of her voice, the music and mostly the breathwork which is crazy, deep and I honestly screamed out everything I had been holding inside.”

Pamela Ingerman

🌺 Thank you dear Madeleine for your loving support🥰

Susan Wells


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