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Are you a working woman who is exhausted and depleted from giving too much at work?


  • You’ve been reliable, dependable, sensitive and very loyal….a people pleaser through and through.
  • And now you are burned out and depleted from the moment you wake up or walk into the office.
  • You had a role of helping others, but now you sometimes resent your coworkers or family for their needs.
  • It’s so hard to say ‘no’ when you know you can help them.
  • This role in the business has become overwhelming and you feel like you can’t keep it going much longer.
  • And when you don’t fill that role, you feel now like you aren’t ‘good enough’ and don’t feel valuable on the team.


What if…


You could show up to work feeling clear, energized, and ready…

Knowing when to say no and say it easily…

Feeling excited to serve with a sense of purpose…

Enjoying a feeling of fulfillment as you interact with your coworkers on a daily basis…

And best of all, giving from a full cup again with that love that started it all…


I know this new reality is possible because I’ve been in the pain you are experiencing and found the light…

I also couldn’t keep up with the ‘needs’ of others at work and found it difficult to say ‘no’.

In fact, I was the go-to person for everyone…at work and at home.

I took on EVERYTHING and ended up feeling like nothing.

I felt like I had nothing left to give, and even felt guilty about that.


THANKFULLY, I found the answer that changed EVERYTHING for me. And it was much more powerful than the standard answers that don’t actually get to the root like “take a long bath” or “treat yourself more.”


Which is why I now help deeply feeling women who are depleted and burned out from giving to others, find their fire again and finally serve others from a full cup.


So, if this touches you and your journey up to this point in any way, I want to tell you there is a path forward for you.


There is a way to restore your gifts, your strength and your energy, without guilt.

I hope you will join me in this free training.


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Hello and Welcome,

I am your host Madeleine Eames.

I know the effects of burnout: the anxiety, the guilt, physical pain and illness, depression and loss.

The uncertainty about the future and the confusion about what to do now.

I also know it's possible to heal the right way. 

I have experienced it and also helped hundreds of clients heal in a way that works. As a psychotherapist for 25 years now, as well as a coach, mindfulness and yoga teacher and healer, I have learned a thing or two that I want to share with you that will help you heal and develop strength and resilience again. 

Most of all... to find yourself. 

Your fire.

Your gifts.

Your true self.

The world needs you back.

I hope you will join me and stay in touch with me at mindfullivingnow.com.


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