$1,111.00 CAD

Rebirth of the Wise Woman Leader

Make 2023 the year you truly step into your power and potential. 

  • Release emotional and physical blocks with powerful breathwork and coaching
  • Rise by getting clear on your desires and following them to receiving all that you are here for
  • Rebirth a new world through you with womb healing breathwork

It's time. Time to release all the ways and fear you have learned to stay safe and small and step into your authentic wise woman leader and make a difference in the world.

You are here to be the full expression of who you came to be, so let's clear out what gets in the way so you can navigate life with ease and confidence. 

In this 8 week course we will dive into the subconscious mind which is driving 95% of the bus, and release old fears and programming that are affecting your health, wealth, career, love and relationships. 

Each week we will heal and release, and update your mind and body to make this year the most fulfilling and satisfying one yet. 

You are worth it. Your life is worth it. 

Weekly session begin Tuesday January 24th at 1pm PST. All classes are recorded so you can enjoy the replay. 

Register now and get instant access to Fear to Freedom, a 5-week class on Mindfulness for Anxiety. 

Questions? Email me at [email protected]