Lifting Above Shame

5 powerful conversations to heal the disconnection and loneliness of shame in the body and mind. Learn to identify and melt the shame freeze and uproot negative, limitings beliefs and behaviours caused by shame. Learn tools to feel safety and resourcefulness in your body.

Let's Reconnect 

Shame is disconnection and it is painful. It also hides in many places.. embarrassment, rage, fear of rejection, feeling like a fraud, perfectionism, feeling responsible for others, codependency and feeling unworthy of what others seem to have. 

And it's a lie!

Let's learn about what shame is, tease it out and break free of the confusion it causes. 

I can't wait to share with you information you might not know, hope and healing so you can thrive and how to identify when shame is holding you back from everything you deserve!



Disconnection and shame about who we truly are causes pain and anxiety. Through weekly lessons we will begin to make friends with ourselves and uncover our natural capacity to heal.