You've been trying very hard.

You have followed the rules,

been nice,

tried to make other people happy.

You've accomplished a lot, and yet

You still feel you need to know more...

you feel unqualified,  not quite smart enough, fit enough, thin enough, confident enough, nice enough, whatever enough... not good enough.

You're exhausted.

You don't know who you are anymore.

You're not alone.


I'm Madeleine Eames.

I've been there and I know how this feels. 

Like there is an unreachable place that you can never quite get to. 

Or if you do, it doesn't last long. The goalposts move. 

It seems you never reach it, 

Never have time for play and fun anymore.

You used to laugh alot. What happened?

Your life is being driven by rules not made by you. 

That are at the root of this hamster wheel. 

There is an invisible layer at work here.

Unconscious beliefs, programming and shame. 

I want to undo all that, and help you heal. 

You no longer have to be good. 

Because you are already good enough. 

We just have to peel back the layers that got in the way.

Join me for an online retreat where we will start to shed the layers of "trying to be good" which keeps you playing WAY too small and allow your true goodness to shine through. 

If you've read this far, this is for you.

And the world needs you now. 


Friday June 17th 6-9pm PST AND Saturday June 18th 9-3pm PST

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Uncover core beliefs that drive "good girl" patterns and learn to now set clear boundaries around yourself to become more comfy in your own skin

Learn about trauma patterns designed to keep you small  that were never yours to begin with like people-pleasing and perfectionism and taking everything personally

Learn together to identify societal conditioning that tells you you are not worthy as you are.. it feels so real doesn't it?

Learn the real roots of self-sabotage and move from blame to compassion so you can truly shine

You are SO sick of this, and you are SO ready to live your life, if only you knew what that was!

Let's start digging for that gold that lives inside you so you can come alive

The truth is, you are a woman of such worth but you have been blinded to this fact.

And it's not your fault!

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"I love Madeleine Eames.  She is a talented psychotherapist/yoga therapist of the highest caliber. She is generous and kind, and she works from the heart.  I highly recommend her to any man, woman or child who need help with whatever difficulty they are going through." 

Sveta, Course Participant 

"The way you communicate is gentle, kind and supportive. What you offer, what you provide, and what you have given me, is wonderful and wanted, welcome and massively needed.

The words you use in your videos and your posts have been a soothing balm to my soul. Your course provided me with an incredible amount of material, and I loved that it came with no pressure to consume or complete it within a certain timeframe. It has been exactly what I needed. 

Prior to discovering you, life had been feeling too heavy and too intense. I felt weighed down by other people’s expectations, by my own expectations and a sense of falling short. Once you and your course landed in my world, I had a soft place to land, to learn and to just be. Things feel light and hopeful now."

Lee-Anne, Course Participant


"I just want to say how much better this coarse is so far than anything else I have ever tried. I have been working on figuring out what is wrong and how to move through it for 7 years. Countless doctors, books, therapy and attempted groups that just didn't work. I may be ready for this as I have learned a lot on my own over the years but your guidance and format is by far superior. Thank you for making this program and making it easily available and affordable"

Michelle, Course Participant


"I didn't know it was possible to truly understand myself and change until I heard you speak. You have clarified why I am the way I am, so that I can move forward... which I did. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Trudy, Course Participant

Got another question? 

Just email me at [email protected] 

I've got you and I can't wait to see what unfolds for you.