Fear to Freedom: A 5 Week Mindfulness Course for Anxiety in Stressful Times


Read below for a written version of everything you will learn in the next 5-weeks.

This can be a stressful time to live in right now in the world. Living with uncertainty provides the biggest challenge for humans in coping with fear and anxiety.


Let this time be an opportunity for you to rise up and become fearless and fiercely compassionate for yourself and others.


Join me in a 5 week journey as we overcome fear together.  Learn practices you will use forever to overcome stress, overwhelm and anxiety, long after the crisis has passed. 

This is an online course with added weekly live coaching calls to help you move through fear now.

We start the course together the week of Monday April 4th and our first online class is Thursday April 7th at 1pm PST.

When you register you will also be given instant access to my online course Lifting Above Shame. 

**Everything is recorded so no worries if you can't make it.**




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Read Below For Exactly What You Will Receive Over The 5-Weeks

There are 5 recorded classes to begin each week that explores one aspect of anxiety. Then the following four days include an audio practice that shows how mindfulness can help that particular aspect. Overtime you will find the right practices for you and your unique needs.

Every Thursday at 1pm PST we have a live coaching call to help you rise to the truth of this present moment without fear.

You can take the weekends off or you can go back and repeat some of the practices.

The private From Fear to Freedom Facebook group I manage will be your place to share, ask questions and get support during the course. 

Facebook not your thing? That's ok. You can always email me or leave a comment in the course and I will respond to it.

Week 1: The Root of Your Anxiety & How to Overcome It Using Mindfulness

In the first week we will look at how you become trapped in your anxiety, how it shows up, and how to practice mindfulness to overcome it.


Day 1 - Getting Started.


Day 2 - Seeing Clearly.  Coming into the present moment.

Day 3 - Turning towards discomfort and letting go of resistance.

Day 4 - Encountering anxiety: Befriending the monster under the bed.

Day 5 - Mindfulness of your body. Introduction to body scan.

Week 2: Mindfulness, Your Nervous System & Breathing

You will learn the healing power of the breath to calm your revved up nervous system and specific ways to calm your anxious mind and body as you turn towards discomfort.  We will discuss 3 different breathing disorders. You will learn why the breath is so powerful and effective and how to use it to approach anxiety to relax the body and mind. 


Day 6 - How to calm your nervous system using your breath


Day 7 - Breath Awareness: Diaphragmatic and horizontal breathing

Day 8 - Rhythmic breathing/complete breath.

Day 9 - Using your breath to turn towards discomfort.

Day 10 - Stepping out of the thought stream.

Week 3: Unhooking From Stressful Thoughts. What Is The Story?

In this week we focus directly on the automatic negative thoughts that are fueling anxiety.  You will learn to clarify and examine the stories that cause your fear, let go of the inner critic and notice your negativity bias and common thinking traps that cause anxiety.


Day 11 - Secrets to Changing Negative Thoughts to Positive Thoughts: The Pink Elephant.


Day 12 - Dealing with our fearful thoughts: Are they true?

Day 13 - Quieting the inner critic.

Day 14 - What you resist, persists: releasing thought traps.

Day 15 - Meditation on letting thoughts go and coming to your senses.

Week 4: The Relationship Between Your Anxiety And Your Emotions

“Feelings get Buried Alive”!  In this module you will learn to identify underlying feelings that may arise, particularly when we start to let go of anxiety. You will learn how to deal with and process difficult emotions whether it is anger, jealousy or worry. You will learn how to detach and slowly take away the power of strong emotions and learn what causes them.


Day 16 -Working With and Letting Go of Difficult Emotions.


Day 17 - Mindfulness for dealing with difficult emotions

Day 18 - Breathwork for emotions.

Day 19 - What is the story fueling the emotion?

Day 20 - Identifying core beliefs that cause anxiety.

Week 5: Planning Ahead For A Peaceful Life

In week five we put it all together in a plan for you to integrate mindfulness into your daily life to live with more ease, greater calm, connection and less stress. We will practice the power of compassion as an antidote to fear and loving kindness as an antidote to the isolation and judgement that arises with anxiety. Remember this is always a practice and never perfect, so keep going!


Day 21 - Compassion and mindfulness in daily life.


Day 22 - Flipping the switch to gratitude.

Day 23 - Everyday practice of pushing into fear.

Day 24 - Loving kindness practice: Compassion for yourself and others.

Day 25 - Living a mindful life and doing what matters.


Mountain Meditation: Realizing your strength and stability

Bonus Webinar: Practice for daily life . Breathe . Body . Love .

"“I can’t say enough good things about Madeleine Eames’ weekly Mindfulness class. Madeleine is a profoundly gifted and compassionate teacher. I know I speak for many others when I say that the mindfulness lessons she shared with us made each of our lives brighter, more tolerable, and I’ve heard it said more than once by participants that they wish they’d known the simple technique of being mindful years earlier.” "

Kay McCracken

"Your experience and keen insight shone throughout our time together! It was very helpful for me. I love the fact I can revisit the meditations and all of the info from the course to strengthen my practice. Your class has reminded me to do more yoga practice and get back into my body. "

Audrey Spiller

"I loved the video lessons, the journaling and the meditations prior to journaling made the journaling much richer for me. Your questions were great and elicited a great amount of insight for me. I think no matter where a person is at, they will get something from your course at any level of readiness...it is gentle and welcoming in its spirit(like you) and I could go back through it and learn again and again🙏 "

Alex Kirchner
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Frequently Asked Questions

Right now I see so many people grappling with fear of the unknown. The fact remains, most of life is unknown, so now is the time to overcome fear. Throughout my 25+ years of private practice, I have seen too many lives become limited because of unnecessary fear. We all deserve an accessible opportunity to fully live our life with freedom instead of constantly running from fear.

You can start right away. After you sign up and pay, you will immediately have access to the course material, hop online and connect, and get going!

We will all start together on April 4th and our first coaching call is Thursday April 7th at 1pm PST.

I recommend you complete the 5 weeks consecutively so you keep momentum. You will have lifetime access to the videos and audios and you can download them, so you can go back to review and practice anytime.


In total, there are 5 videos and 20 audios. There is one video at the beginning of each week with 4 audio meditation practices that follow.

The live coaching call is on Thursday. You then have 2 days off to relax or go back and practice. 

There are also PDF worksheets to download each week and on various specific days. You can either print them out, refer to them or write in your own journal. 

You will have access to join the private Fear to Freedom facebook group where you will be able to ask questions, post your progress or share you experiences with myself and others who are also in the course. You will be able to ask me questions and get answers as we go along.

Who Is Your Teacher?

Madeleine Eames is a psychotherapist, a yoga and mindfulness teacher who has a passion for bringing mindfulness and breathing practices into counselling and a vision for a world with less fear and more inspiration. She has been teaching and writing about mental health and mindfulness for over 20 years.  You can stay in touch with her and her most recent publications @ www.mindfullivingnow.com. 

If you are ready to move through anxiety, I am ready to be your guide.


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