The Expansion Blueprint Method TM


Are you a woman in a midlife transition who feels stuck? 

You feel SO ready for something new, something alive and free...but perhaps not sure what YET?

This is a time of opportunity, to make the pivot. 

Maybe it's time to shed the old skin, the old ways and beliefs, and rebirth a new you.

This choice is to expand or contract. To shrink or expand into a soul-led life. 

It's as simple as that... and I have the formula to get you there: The Expansion Blueprint Method




You are not stuck, you are at a new threshold. It's time to move forward in a different way.


➡️ Imagine waking up each day feeling alive and grateful

➡️ Imagine finally living with ease and knowing you are exactly where you should be

➡️ Imagine having emotional strength and energy to move through your life, set boundaries and deal with negative people

➡️ Imagine finally realizing your worth and letting go of pleasing others so you can give from a full heart


It is possible. 


* It's time. Time to put yourself and your life first and set yourself free to expand into who you are here to be and live as you want to live.

* The Expansion Blueprint begins weekly on Tuesday February 6th at 1pm PST and runs for 4 weeks.

* Healing sessions like deep breathwork, sound healing, journalling your new story and mindfulness will be scheduled throughout the month.

* Monthly sessions held for the rest of 2024 to continue your learning, growth and expansion at $44/month (optional)


 **Everything you need to make this year a time of true expansion**


This course will heal the good girl conditioned patterns that keep you small and reclaim the wise woman inside you. 


3 payments of $299

The good news is that you are certainly not alone and there are some simple skills you can learn to come back into your own body and connect with your own presence and power again. 

Because it's not about being the good girl or the perfect mother anymore. It's the shift to the Wise Woman inside you. It's about being REAL. Being yourself will save you.

This includes ALL of you. 

Your quirky, angry, joyful, messy, guilty, sneaky, and full, big, too much self. 

I can't wait to meet her. Can you?

  I'm Madeleine Eames. 

My background is as a psychotherapist for almost 4 decades. I hit midlife and wondered why I was here, what my purpose was. I searched outside myself for a long time, and gratefully didn't come up with any answers. So I had to turn inside, and this is where I found my greatest expansion. It was already there, just waiting for me. I have seen where women get stuck and how to guide them back home.

I feel women in midlife and beyond are being called to step out of fear and retire old ways of being so we can reclaim our freedom and aliveness on this planet.

I am also a breathwork guide, a yoga teacher, an embodiment guide and mindfulness and breathwork facilitator. 

Most importantly, I am always rebirthing myself every day through my own patterns and have grown through worry, burnout, fatigue and all the things that brought me right here, to help you expand.

This is the work I was meant to do. My mission is to support women to rise in their divine feminine energy. 

We are the medicine the world needs right now. 

3 payments of $239


 Imagine this as your blueprint: 


 ✅ No more overthinking and analysis paralysis as you tune into your intuition and confidence 

✅ Emotional confidence, able to handle whatever comes up, even the landmines

✅ Uncover your passions and desires and let them lead the way now

✅ Learn a deep powerful process to release patterns that keep you people-pleasing and putting others first

✅ Set powerful embodied boundaries from your heart

✅ Plug the energy leaks and take back your energy and power like the boss that you are

✅ A 4-week intensive to move through all the old conditioning and limiting beliefs and give you the tools you need to kick-start your expansion and make sense of your patterns

✅ Weekly online trainings that build the foundation blocks of what you need to move forward

✅ Inner healing journeys that include breathwork, emotional release and sound healing to dive deep into your energetic self

✅ Access to a private facebook group to share and ask questions, and I will be popping in regularly to connect and drop in extra goodies and videos


And more. Yes, it's a lot. 

This is why it's an intensive month and you have all the recordings to go back over the material. 






I have been around long enough to know that we can make HUGE shifts in a short period of time, but nervous system healing takes longer.



* My 3-month course The Empath Sanctuary which gives you full info on the nervous system, healing processes, embodiment practices, meditations and the journey of becoming an empowered expansive woman in this world. 

* But that's not all! Because this is a YEAR of expansion, you have access to my 6-month course The Alive Empath. Juicy info on setting boundaries, ending fear and shame and finding your superpowers.


All of these bonuses are worth well over $3500. 



Your true self is powerfully loving and treasures yourself and your body above all else. Then your gifts spring forth into the world. 


 Still wondering if this course is for you?


You wonder who you are and worry that you will never find yourself again and feel free

✅ You get stuck in indecision and overthinking about what you should do, how you should be

✅ You hear "I should be grateful, there are people so much worse off than me

✅ You worry so much about what others think, how will they react if I tell them, or make a big move?

✅ You feel deeply, care deeply and often get stuck in looking after others and abandoning yourself

✅ You often get stuck in feelings of guilt or "not good enough" or wondering if you will ever get there

 ✅ You might avoid conflict or anger and so can't keep firm boundaries and protection around yourself

✅ You worry that time is running out to enjoy your life but worry how others will react if you change


If some of this sounds like you, The Expansion Blueprint is for you. There is a good reason you've been feeling this way.

You are a human female animal living in a nervous system primed towards connection and harmony.
 You are living in old, protective patterns of conditioning based in fear.

And the costs are high.

Let's turn that around now.


3 payments of $239


* Get immediate access to bonus materials to start watching right away

* This course is not a replacement for medical treatment or advice from your health care professional

* All payments on this platform are in US dollars

* Please read through information on the checkout page

* Although we honour that life and decisions change, there will be no refunds after the course has started



This is your year to expand.