Are you exhausted and overwhelmed?

Maybe full of self-doubt and have trouble with decisions?

Done with people-pleasing and ready to put yourself at the center of your life?

Feel like time is running out to bring your full expression into the world?


It's time to live your life aligned with your true self.

The one you were before the world told you who to be.

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  • The Alive Empath Foundations
  • The Empath Sanctuary
  •  Resource library of videos. meditations and webinars for empaths
  • Lifting Above Shame: A 5-week course 
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You are whole-hearted and sensitive. 

You have tried everything and still feel stuck and unsatisfied.

Even burned out.

It's time to heal  the overwhelm and feel alive in your own body and your

own life. 

I have an invitation for you...

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Are you an empathic and highly sensitive woman who is exhausted and depleted from giving too much?

Or perhaps overwhelmed from a world that seems to require or demand too much from you?

You’ve been reliable, dependable, sensitive and very loyal….a people pleaser through and through.

Now you feel burned out, so frustrated, misunderstood, and simply done?

It is such a helpless feeling.

And guess what.... there is nothing wrong with you.

The Alive Empath is a place to heal your heart, become embodied  and reawaken your dreams

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  • Heal ancestral and collective trauma we all have as women

  • Meditations for empaths to stay grounded and centred

  • Classes and workshops designed specifically for empaths

  • Embodied yoga for empaths

  • All created to help empaths reclaim their power and embody more love on this planet

  • Access to bonus video library and Empath Sanctuary online course

Its time to get out of the cycle of burnout, blame and resentment and heal past beliefs that keep you stuck. 

I have created the Alive Empath membership to support sensitive women to reclaim themselves by learning:

*  to live from your heart not from the endless "shoulds" we have been conditioned to believe 

*  healing the guilt and shame of finally loving yourself first

* learning about the nervous system and breathwork and yoga practices to heal chronic stress and trauma recovery

* heal the roots of people-pleasing and tools to protect yourself from energy vampires

* tune into your intuition and let it guide you

... all with weekly support, monthly classes and a private facebook group

If this touches you and your journey up to this point in any way, I want to tell you there is a path forward for you no matter what stage you are at.

 There is a way to restore your gifts, your strength and your energy, without guilt and embrace who you are! 

I hope you will join me in The Alive Empath,


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Many women don't realize the core beliefs and nervous system dysregulation that contribute to this empathic anxiety and burnout.

In fact, most women have not had the space to even know what safety feels like in this world.

It's not your fault.

But you CAN change it.

In fact, you are the only person who can.

Unless we heal at this level, we are putting a bandaid on it. It's like squeezing into a too-tight suit again and hoping it will fit.  It's the exhausting work of the small self that serves others. It's time to re-write that script, heal self-doubt and move into your true self, the one that is not afraid, doesn't care what others think, and is not afraid to be seen.

The Alive Empath is a membership site that is designed to give you the tools to help you move from your small self to your true self in a community of like-minded women in a clear step-by-step process.

You can live with joy again!


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Shift from shame to authenticity

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From stress and overwhelm to confidence

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From people pleasing to power

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 Want more details?

Some of the many topics we will be exploring and practicing with like-minded souls are:

Truly understanding how stress has affected your sensitive system.

Understanding and setting clear, safe  boundaries.

Understanding our own ingrained response to stress.

How we learned our coping strategies of our small self.

Daily habits and practices to support healing and change.

How to heal and reset our nervous systems in the present when we react.

Holding discomfort and anxiety without people-pleasing or perfectionism.

Unearthing our core beliefs.

Understanding the spectrum of narcissism and how to disengage.

Following the footsteps of our passions, our true selves.

Stepping into authenticity.

It's time for women to reawaken and come alive in the world 

 I'm Madeleine Eames, a therapist, writer, coach, yoga and mindfulness teacher, and a highly sensitive person and it is my mission to help sensitive women heal emotional and physical pain and reclaim their aliveness through embodiment. 

Still have questions? Reach out to me at and let's chat! You can reach me at [email protected]


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Hear what others say about working with Madeleine...

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I loved the video lessons, the journaling and the meditations prior to journaling made the journaling much richer for me. Your questions were great and elicited a great amount of insight for me.

I think no matter where a person is at, they will get something from your course at any level of is gentle and welcoming in its spirit(like you) and I could go back through it and learn again and againπŸ™

Alex Kirchner

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Your experience and keen insight shone throughout our time together! 

It was very helpful for me.  I love the fact I can revisit the meditations and all of the info from the course to strengthen my practice. 
Your class has reminded me to do more yoga practice and get back into my body. 
Audrey Spiller
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I just want to say how much better this course is so far than anything else I have ever tried. I have been working on figuring out what is wrong and how to move through it for 7 years. Countless doctors, books, therapy and attempted groups that just didn't work. I may be ready for this as I have learned a lot on my own over the years but your guidance and format is by far superior. Thank you for making this program and making it easily available and affordable 

Michelle Sansano

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